Yes, I’ve been MIA for some months now. Truly I’ve just been sitting in a chair in the corner of our living room doing nothing…

Except there is this pesky garden tour at the end of April.

Task list since my last post:

1) New Terrace connecting the Mudroom and Den to the Schoolhouse
2) Schoolhouse renovation including new joists, new floor, paint, lighting and furnishings
3) Den, Mudroom and Master Bedroom built-ins
4) Window renovations
5) Removal/Clean up of the 25 some odd trees we lost in the hurricane
6) New plantings in the areas that were cleared during the renovations and terrace construction

Oh, did I mention we planted 5000 bulbs in November.

Truth be told “garden tour” is a little miss leading, it’s really more of a home tour. If you follow the link ours is refered to as “the Parsonage, c.1855”. We’re on the Warrenton tour Wednesday, April 24th and Thursday, April 25th and in contrast to any whining you may have perceived we are very honored to be included. It’s a worthy cause and one we hope you will take part in. Just promise you’ll stay out of the medicine cabinets.

Here’s a little tease of the schoolhouse. Not 100%, but well on its way.