“What, thought I could be duller, More depressing, less gay? Now my favorite color is gray!” Fifty cents to whoever names that song and writer.

So my Mother bought me this new Le Creuset braising pan a couple of years ago and my girlfriend Rebecca, hearing that it was my favorite color, guessed that it was blue. “Um, no” I said. To which she responded, “Oh…gray!” I think her subtext sounded a little like “Wah…Wah…”.

Contrary to popular belief White, Beige, Black, and yes…GRAY are all colors.

Here are my favorites:

Here’s the thing – I LOVE gray! And you should too. What, do you live in a gallery? Probably not, and for me I just find that white walls leave a home feeling unfinished and, lightning may strike me for saying this…unintentional. SINNER!!!

Take a look at how many doors, windows, mirrors, pieces of artwork, etc. are breaking up your walls. Don’t be such a worry wort, it’s not going to feel like a gray box, I promise.

One more promise – take a risk and paint the walls of your bedroom in rich, moody, Rockport. Not that you need a daily reminder of what you should be doing in there, but this definitely wont let you forget.

Once you go gray you’ll never stray.