So, my neighbor wanted me to take a look at the fabrics they picked out for their living room…

The theme is somewhat…patriotic at first glance. I was, as ever, gracious and sincerely appreciated many of the selections, but it made me wonder. How would I express MY patriotism?

Broad Silk Plaid

You don't literally have to have a striped flag to get your point across.

The house is federal style, traditional and somewhat formal. Not only would this silk plaid liven things up, it would add elegance and refinement to the living room windows and compliment linen white walls perfectly.

Now for the unexpected…

Seneca Stripe

That's what you need - a good stiff stripe (drink.)

I’m gonna suggest this mustard yellow stripe for the sofa. Who wouldn’t?
(Don’t fret. It will make more sence shortly.)

Then I think we should make big throw pillows with this:


Go Bold or Go Home!

Now RELAX! I’m gonna pull it all together.

Facing (or flanking) the sofa I want two accent/club/wingback/whatever chairs in this print. (So many prints!)


In the navy...

And finally (I told you it was coming) in one corner a big round table covered in (drum roll)…


Every room needs a hero.

What! How does he do it??? Amazing!!!

To be honest I was a little red, white and…blue (groan,) but after a little research I’ve turned that frown upside down. Lesson: Lighten up. The only thing your room needs to do is work…and it really only needs to work for one person – you. Well, if you’re in the bedroom maybe two.

No animals were harmed in the making of this post, but if you don’t purchase this fabric from us I’m kidnapping your dog. That is just to say that you can purchase these fabrics through …and you should (purchase these fabrics.)