I came down the driveway to discover we had been invaded by giant dinosaurs, or the drill had arrived to dig the geothermal wells.

…all I could think was, “Poor Travis.” He worked so hard seeding the island in the middle of the circular driveway. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time it needs to be redone. Honestly the contractors are being as careful as they can, they just have massive machinery and can only do so much.

That’s my Kousa on the left, its leaves haven’t changed yet. It is one of the most perfect specimens I have seen. Keeping our fingers crossed that all is still well when everyone has cleared out.

There’s my Kousa again on the right. The rig is actually gone now, and our two 400′ wells are complete, but we still have a 5′ deep by 3′ wide trench leading over to the house. We’ve tried to find some bodies to throw into it (just seems like the thing to do), but haven’t had any luck yet.

Oh, BTW – if you want your own geothermal HVAC system you should check out Renewable Energy Solutions, Inc. Ask for Shaune Roop and he’ll hook you up. (Even if you don’t need a place to put the bad people.)