Posting once a month just isn’t acceptable, I know. Hopefully it was worth the wait.

So, once again I found myself in Miami beach close to the holidays. Yes, it is tough to be me.

This is what my vision of Christmas in Miami Beach looks like:

12' Butterfly Tree

Miami Butterfly Holiday

If you want to go for a look like this yourself here are some tips on how to do it:

1) Put the lights on first, turn them on while you do it, and don’t “wrap” the tree. Just shove them in there and make it look good. This doesn’t have to be difficult, or tedious, or take hours. If lighting the tree is all those things to you, then stop what you are doing and go buy a fake pre-lit tree. Who cares! Christmas isn’t about the tedious exercise of decorating (If you find it tedious). It’s about celebrating, and having fun…being joyful.

2) You can never have too much ribbon, and yes, ribbon is step 2. If you put your ornaments on 2nd they will be all over the floor by the time you get all your ribbon on. I love ribbon, it is like holiday making magic dust…just sprinkle (place) it everywhere and wallah! Instant holiday vibe. Make sure that if you are making bows you use “wired” ribbon. It will save your life. (Who new decorating was so dangerous?)

3) If you don’t want to spend the money on unique one of a kind collectible ornaments, and it is expensive because you need an abundance (abundance is key when holiday decorating), then go for many of one thing (or many of a few things). Here we used these butterflies that were purchased at a commercial floral supply. Google “Floral Supply” in your area. I think we paid $6.00 for 12. That is a ton of bang for the buck. We also purchased all the gold balls and ribbons from the floral supply. If you have never been run, don’t walk. It is a paradise for anyone who really wants to decorate for the holidays like a pro.

4) Another thing I like in abundance – candles! We purchased these battery operated (child friendly) pillars through Candle Impressions. You are welcome to buy them through us (at well below retail). They are about the same price as a regular candle, but last forever. A great investment in holiday cheer. Not to harp on this idea of abundance, but we used 30 in this one room.

Lastly just some friendly advice from someone who comes from a home where holiday decorating could sometimes be…stressful.

Not everything has to be perfectly placed. Relax! It’s Christmas! Let that ribbon do what it wants. Stop overworking it. You raised it well and taught it everything you could. Now if you love it set it free. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, ribbon…here’s the thing, it has great shape and body coming right off the spool. I can’t really give you more than that because there are no rules…use your eyes. Does it look good to you? Yes? Great! No? Try again. It’s just ribbon. Take your time and enjoy. If you just can’t relax, and this whole decorating thing is driving you to drink, then I say skip it. Have another glass and save your pennies to hire me to come decorate for you next year. Not everyone is going to be good at this and that is ok. I’ll bet you know your wines better than I do and that is going to serve you all year. My Christmas decorating skills only serve me on one day. See! Now don’t you feel better? Well, maybe that’s the wine, but you at least feel better right?